Aries, your relationships mirror your constant hurry. You jump in without knowing someone. Aries, relax. Impatience hinders you.


Taurus is obstinate. You're too stubborn to change. Relationships take compromise. You'll never find love if you can't bend.


Gemini, you're erratic. Relationships are always in flux. Because you're always looking for better, you can't commit to one person. Focus and pay attention to your spouse.


Cancer's too emotional. Some individuals find your heart-on-sleeve overbearing. You must master your emotions. Sensitivity is a strength and a weakness.


Leo, you're selfish. You seek attention continuously. Learn to share the spotlight with your companion. Your ego is blocking love.


Virgo, stop criticizing. You want excellence from yourself and your partner. Relax and stop judging others and yourself. Relationships involve embracing shortcomings.


Libra, you're indecisive. You struggle to make and keep decisions. Trust your instincts and stop second-guessing. Your indecision is hindering your relationship search.


Scorpio, stop hiding. You're hesitant to trust others. Be vulnerable and communicate your emotions with your companion. Your guardedness prevents intimacy.


Sagittarius, calm down. You love adventure and excitement, but it might make it hard to commit to one person. Long-term relationships provide stability and comfort.


Capricorn, relax. You struggle to relax. You need to relax. Relationships should be fun, not burdensome.


Aquarius is too disconnected. Your independence and emotional distance are valued. You must learn to trust your lover and be intimate.


Pisces, you're lazy. You follow the crowd and let others decide. You must express yourself and manage your life, including relationships. Passivity is keeping you from love.

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