Aries dream constantly. Their minds fill with junky notions, especially after a failure. This irritates them. They work out to avoid reality. Freehand to cardio. They'll sweat for peace and quiet. Sweaty escape.


Taureans are persistent. They love their world! Netflix is the ideal refuge from chaos. I understand your Netflix obsession! Nothing beats getting lost in a great story.


Geminis live big... That's gossip size! They avoid reality by gossiping and ranting about their problems and blaming others. “Oh yes my life sucks because of this person X,” they say.


Cancers like romance! Even though it's fiction, reading Love Story of Erich Segal or imagining Mr. Darcy's handsomeness helps people feel good about the world.


Leos thrive on attention and their regal egos. A Mikey in an open auditorium is a great opportunity to escape reality and be the center of attention. They're escaping grandly.


Virgos, who are sensible, don't understand escape. When there's a lot to manage, what an escape! They jump right in. "You can run, you can hide but you can't escape!"


Libras are lovely and wish to live well. Their getaway is also stylish! They took a week off to let everyone know. What could be better than escaping reality on an exotic trip!


Scorpios enjoy s*x! They prefer the tangle of skin and blankets over hard facts and disappointments. “Let’s have more sex please” is their escape mantra.


Saggitarians who are adventurous climb, run, or take unplanned vacations on undiscovered islands. They're adventurers. Adventure shoes help them escape reality.


Receptive and Capricorns meditate or do therapy to cope. Success requires mental peace. They know. Meditation too. They deliberate. Capricorns escape with meditation lights.


Aquarians can escape by smoking weed, gardening, or thinking of a nice circumstance.


Pisces artists flee reality. Music, painting, literature, etc. Now that you know your escape options, take a big breath and relax, but don't get lost. Find reality!

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