Aries is a natural leader and enjoys controlling relationships. You're logical about love but not clinical. Your love glows.


Taurus enjoys your weakness. Chemistry is fiery. You tumble. You're a sensual lover.


Gemini is great company. They love hopelessly. They fall madly in love because they hate being alone. Though needy, they love you.


 Cancers love truthfully. They're careful but tumble. They want a soulmate. They admire ambitious, hardworking people.


Leo finds love easily. They exude charm. They're cute. They adore freedom too. Expect them to require time alone.


Virgos are vulnerable but cool in love. Though hard to read, they love deeply. Love devours them. Love requires kindness and patience.


Libra is focused. After one date, they want someone who respects them and deserves respect. They delay long-term relationships.


Scorpios are fierce and dangerous. They adore partnerships. They appear dramatic because they cannot bear to see things fall apart. They're stubborn. Breathe and stay calm.


Sagittarius loves freedom and adventure. They want to travel and snap boring Instagram shots. They love freely.


Let Capricorn be if you're not ready for a committed relationship. Passionate when there. Your best buddy and lover.


Aquarius' heart is biggest. They focus on couples. Selfless love makes them passionate.


Pisces are kind and resilient. They are sensitive and fight hard. Arguing with them ruins their day. When you're struggling, don't lose yourself.

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