Only a soulmate who challenges you will satisfy you.Simply put, you need an assertive person who isn't scared to tell you the truth.


You need a soul mate who inspires you. Doesn't sadness love company?You need someone who won't sulk with you but will motivate you to have the greatest day.


Because your mind is always full of ideas and plans, you need help focusing on something that will move you forward.Such a person can help you develop.


A good listener won't judge you. Such a person must be caring and able to assist you find solutions, unlike some of your previous partners.


You need a partner who knows your public persona isn't you. You want to be the center of attention and perform well, yet you prefer to be yourself around those you trust.


Your soulmate should help you love yourself. You're very self-critical. Thus, unlike other signs, you don't need a constant critic. You need someone who loves you for you.


A soulmate can teach you to step back. People always notice you.Your soul partner will occasionally let you prove you can survive alone.


A soul mate's reliability is priceless. After being betrayed, you fear being involved with people. Good soul mates will relax you.


You need an adventurous soulmate. A homebody and non-traveler would bore you to death. You need a spontaneous adventurer.


You need a partner who can sense your excitement beyond your expected, conservative facade. Relax and take life more lightly with the proper person. This will take your self-exploration to new heights.


Your soul mate will encourage your craziest ideas. Your coworkers and friends doubt you.The ideal soulmate will always offer encouragement.


You need a positive soulmate who will make you feel warm, not frigid like other mates.This will improve your outlook and unlock your creativity!

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