Aries seeks to test your limits and weaknesses. They want to battle and win. It's a preventative measure. Responding by metaphorically raising your hands is ideal. Your vulnerability will stun them. 


Taurus is curious. To prove you're well-read, well-dressed, and can arrange a dinner reservation may sound arrogant. Stamina is needed. They want a classicist with their own opinions and tastes.


Geminis are childlike. To help you escape, they'll keep things light and humorous. Meeting and trusting them is the best way to see their sensitive side. 


Cancers are self-doubtful. Life's silent. They've had promising scenarios without red flags that went wrong. They don't trust you because they're worried about what went wrong or why they didn't see it coming.


Leos focus on like you because they realize people want what they can't have. They'll stop. You suffering over them pleases them. You endure. It's admirable. Focusing makes them like you.


Virgos puzzle. They don't know why. They secretly hope you'll stay. They're offering an out before you go suddenly.


Libras like conflict. Makeup sex requires fighting, right? It shows you're honest. They might fight someday. to try. for dedication. You'll be adored.


Beware of Scorpio mental tricks. Major competition is hard. They send cryptic texts in their sleep as foreplay. Ron Weasley-like. Their ego demands sacrifice. Worth it.


They love sarcastically. Teasing likes you. They notice your strange speech and gait. They pretend to be smart until someone finds a huge teddy bear inside.


Capricorns test patience. When will they stop lying? Sauna staredown. Sit and sweat. for fidelity. You can handle pressure. You'll sacrifice for them.


Aquarius will broach a touchy subject to gauge your reaction. Though severe, they seek to learn your perspective without pressure. Honesty wins. Don't pretend to know. They want you to have faith.


Telepathy pleases Pisces. Breadcrumbs will be left. Because they'll let you guess numerous times and tell you when you're becoming hotter or colder, it will feel like a game show. Look around.

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