The things he plans to do to you are already three stages in his mind. Imagining the various perspectives from which he will see your stunning physique.


He will feel relieved when he first sees you naked. Now that you're in his bedroom, he'll feel like he succeeded.


He's trying to keep it together so he can make sure you have a good time; he can't let his excitement get the best of him when you look this lovely.


He contemplates his feelings of adoration for you. The real you is what he sees, not just your physical form.


How much he loves you is constantly on his mind. He can look past your physical appearance and into your very being.


Trying not to think. What to say. What to do. Regarding your thoughts. Enjoying the moment is his goal.


He thinks you look even better than he imagined. He's attempting to remember your appearance to fantasize about.


He's considering how out of his league you really are. He doesn't understand how he got so lucky to meet someone as wonderful as you.


He is completely void of thought. He'll totally blank out at the sight of your nude body.


He's planning where to touch you next so that you enjoy the hookup as much as he does. He hopes you'll want him as much as he does.


He's internally panicking and trying not to mess things up. He appreciates you being there and doesn't want this to be the last time he sees you.


He's considering how absurd it is that you feel so insecure about yourself. What he really wants is for you to view yourself the way he does. 

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