Whatever happens, you're ready. You can do things you don't like if your partner likes them. It shows your partner that you care about them and include their interests in your life.


Your guy likes arm touches and big hugs. It shouldn't be sexual, but caring and trusting. You enjoy touching.


Your way with his pals is irresistible to him. He doesn't concern about your party enjoyment. He's also glad he can have both you and his friends.


He loves that you love his family. You help his sister with homework while helping his mom cook Thanksgiving dinner.He loves you more because he can picture you in his family.


Your confidence and charisma attract him. He admires your charisma and social skills. He admires your completeness.


He loves your competence and gentleness. He doesn't feel stupid or useless.He thinks you can do everything.


He likes how you ask for and consider his viewpoint.You really trust him to help you decide.


He can't resist your sexual advances. He enjoys being moved occasionally.


He appreciates your adaptability. He doesn't have to worry about you two being bored or you objecting to his changes.You're entertaining.


Appreciating your man is irresistible. Thankfulness or a soft squeeze are welcomed, but people shouldn't do things only to gain a nice reaction.


He enjoys your animal love and humanitarianism. It shows him your compassion and big heart, which is attractive.He loves you more when you walk his dog alone.


Passion for your career, hobbies, or art inspires and persuades him. Excited about a project makes you glow. He wants to be with you since he knows you're happy without him.

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