Aries set restrictions, making closure difficult. They like their choices but worried they acted too quickly. Aries get closure when they accept what happened and move on. Acceptance is hard.


Tauruses resist change. Breakups, remembering former friends, and examining terrible family relationships make it hard to distance oneself from who they were. Change gives Tauruses closure. Reinvention erases history.


Geminis value communication in all relationships. Thus, a talk is often necessary for closure. Asking inquiries and being honest is the only way Gemini can accept a relationship's demise and move on.


Cancers must acknowledge their agony to heal. Cancers must forgive themselves and examine their reactions. Due to their sensitivity and overthinking, identifying concerns relaxes them. 


Leos crave time. Weeks, months, even years from agony. To get closure, Leos must be far enough from an unpleasant circumstance to scarcely remember it. Give up.


Logical Virgo craves closure. Virgos need to know what happened, why, where, and how more knowledge could have prevented it. Virgos must investigate their past to understand its significance. Preparedness closes.


Libras avoid reflection. They adore the world and don't want to change it. Accepting suffering heals. Processing experiences heals Libras. Otherwise, it will fester. Undiagnosed pain.


Scorpios hoard. They know why they're stuck yet get stuck in their heads. People can self-harm without response. Scorpios must confide in loved ones for closure. Validation heals more than they think.


Sagittariuses typically wait too long, expecting things will get better. It's rare. Sagittariuses may feel lonely and cling to good memories. Total detoxes help. Sagittariuses adjust after separation.


Despite their reserve, Capricorns feel. They show enormous inner landscapes alone. Capricorns injure themselves by reserving their emotions. Limiting your emotions teaches you to suppress them inconveniently. Not there.


Aquariuses need activity. Aquariuses self-block. They self-heal. Overthinking, calling old friends, and desperate attempts to restore order are often disastrous. Engage till natural closing.


Pisces can't create boundaries for others. This makes closure rare. This is excellent for now, but Pisces will worry and twitch until a solution is found. Be realistic and present to save their future self.

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