As if she doesn't have a filter, a Sagittarius will express whatever is on her mind. And when she knows she has something more important to say, she has no problem taking the limelight herself.

However, the information she imparts makes it impossible not to fall in love with her.  No one cares, though, because she always amazes them with her tales.


Aries enjoys tournaments so that she may strut her stuff afterward.You'll be ecstatic for days after she gets the promotion. She will continue to talk about the football playoffs and 

the team's performance until the big game.She has earned recognition for her efforts and success. When she starts talking too highly of herself, her pals set her straight.


An astute Capricorn. She's obviously bright; she probably applied to at least two Ivy League schools before settling on the best one in her home state.

You're fond of her, but she's never heard about trivia night from you. She'll beat you to the punch on simple questions.Your accomplice. Get real.


Leo always has a tale. She doesn't make it about herself, but she thinks she's crucial to the plot.I did this once when traveling or at school with my friends. 

She seems to be bragging, but she just wants to tell you her story.Okay, maybe she's bragging, but she knows she's about to transform your life.She's self-assured.


Taurus loves material goods and always has the latest. Even though she acquired a new iPhone six months ago after cracking her screen, she puts the newest one on the lunch table.

She wears expensive outfits only once. All those shirts require a large closet.She'll always ask you over to casually show off her beautifully designed home. 

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