When Capricorns aren't exerting themselves to take charge, they're merely being unmotivated and uninterested. Their desire for power may give the impression of ambition, 

Nevertheless, this is not the situation. They are one of the most lazy and bossy signs in the zodiac, which further adds to their negative reputation.


Scorpios are the worst—manipulative, fierce, and unfriendly. Their enthusiasm and drive are admirable, but their flaws overshadow them.


Being possessive and stubborn is not a desirable trait in a love partner. Even if you're not interested in dating a Taurus, having one as a friend might be a royal pain.


Pisces is artistic, yet their self-pity and whining may wear everyone down. You can try to see the bright side of Pisces, but their constant whining will prevent you from doing so.


Those with the Aquarius zodiac sign prefer to ignore the realities of life in favor of idealized ones, where everyone is healthy, wealthy, and content.

While this may sound like paradise to a fellow Aquarius, those of more earthy signs may view an Aquarius more like the weird vegan next door that everyone tries to avoid.


Cancer is the sign to consult while looking for love. They just want to be there for the people they care about, and that's awesome. True, but not always. 

Being surrounded by so much love and support can be overwhelming for a Cancer, so it's helpful to understand how to set healthy boundaries with them.

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