Libra would arrive with pleasure and potentially a lethal smile. Libra loves terrifying movies and mystical monsters. These clever, caring people have dark thoughts.


Not all signs get along, but if you put a number of Sags in a room, they'll probably get along and find a gloomy topic to talk about. Sags, the zodiac's fantasists,

may gravitate toward chilly, dark subjects because their sign is in winter. If you have a nefarious notion, Sagittarius probably had it at three.


Darkness is elevated to a new degree by the Taurus character, while they may not be the dark dreamers, they are the darkest of the self-pityers. 

Although a sullen demeanor may be an attractive fashion statement at first, it is usually Taurus who is contemplating taking his or her own life.


Scorpio is the loner and the dark one who wants to set up their world in ways they can predict, almost like a trap. The thrill of the hunt is as important as the satisfaction of the kill,

yet when a Scorpio wants something desperately, he or she will likely resort to underhanded tactics to get it. Their shadowy side centers on pride and triumph.


Analytical Virgos may self-destruct. Darkness is not knowing when to end. They persist when irritated. Virgo's gloom often destroys them.


Aquarius is secretly evaluating you. The envious nature of Aquarians is a source of their ugliness. Although their thoughts are capable of many sleazy and creepy things,

 you'd never know it by looking at an Aquarius; they're always the ones standing in the background, doing their best to blend in. Their judgment of you is the source of their evil.

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