As the second of the water signs, Scorpios are reliable. They refuse to accept that they could be wrong.If you try to change their minds, they might kill you.


Scorpios are known for their independence and shrewdness because to their lord, Mars. Their morals will be vigorously protected. They refuse to budge.

Virgos obsess, perfect, and analyze. They seek first-time accuracy.They don't experiment, so mistakes feel like failures. Criticize everything.


Earth signs strategize, make goals, and complete activities with persistence. They'll be focused and know how to get what they want, yet they may be unreasonable.

Aquarius is quirky and innovative, so they're always thinking of ways to improve. Despite their inventive ideas, they are stubborn.They're stubbornly unique. 


Air signs don't listen because they think ahead. They often alienate others with their opinions.Aquarius will assert themselves regardless of others.

Avoid interrupting a Capricorn's job. Saturn, their ruler, rules, chores, and obligations, so this sign sticks to what they know. They're rigid and unbending.


Earth signs can't change.  Cardinal signs are proactive. They fiercely defend their positions.Capricorns are goal-oriented, so if regularity helps them succeed, they will.

Taurus, the most stubborn sign, likes routine and consistency. Because they need to dominate their environment, they won't change.Taurus is stubbornest of all fixed signs.


If they perceive that the change would jeopardize their safety, they will put up a fight until you give in.Earth signs love to be in comfortable surroundings. 

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