Your companion should encourage you. Discuss your partner's indifference to your achievements.Good friends support you. Jealous people may underestimate your success.

They minimize your successes and glory

 openly discussing envy with your partner or obtaining help if you both struggle. if your sweetheart doesn't celebrate you.

Insecurity breeds jealousy, so your partner may destroy your relationship to keep you.Changing beauty may make your partner feel awful.

They make an effort to damage the bond

They could question why you want to be with them if they don't deserve a relationship or you.So it's easy to assume they're late for dinner or chatting up a stranger at the party.

Even if your partner is still nice to you, they may be jealous of how you treat them.Even if they're complimenting you, it may sound insincere and critical.

They misrepresent you

reminds us that the tone of these remarks may harden. Partners that are jealous of you may be critical of your achievements and uninterested in your hobbies.

Your spouse may be envious or threatened if they don't respect your relationship limits. Your partner may follow you or check your texts and emails to confirm their suspicions.

They are unable to respect limits

They may break boundaries to protect the relationship.  They may want to control your actions and relationships, limiting your options.

Your partner's sudden anger or irritation at items that previously caused them no difficulty is another telltale symptom of jealousy.

They become irritated easily

Maybe they've never shown signs of irritation before, but now that you've done something as innocuous as neglect to replace the toothpaste cap, you should pay heed.

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