Soulmates need patience. You're impetuous and impatient. Without thinking, you charge ahead. Your perfect companion would fill that gap with compassion, teaching you patience.


Your soulmate must compromise. You prioritize your partner's needs because you value long-term relationships. Your genuine soulmate will reciprocate and take care of you.


Your partner must communicate well. Quiet partners boring you. You need a long-term conversationalist. Someone who will dispute or battle you. You adore a talkative partner.


Soulmates must listen. You're the most emotional sign. You need a sympathetic partner to vent to. Vent to them. Unacceptable partner disinterest.


Trust your partner. You like attention. Energized everywhere. You appreciate talking to followers, but not romantically. Jealous partners are unfit. Your ideal partner will trust your sincerity despite your flirtation.


Your lover must be punctual. Your life is well-managed. Late partners cause the most unsolved fights. You require a timekeeper. Because disrespecting your time disrespects you.


Soulmates are extroverted. Family—real or chosen—is essential to happiness. You'll hate a homebody. Your ideal partner will appreciate sharing you with your inner circle.


Soulmates should give space. You leave when your husband holds you. Even with love, you need alone time. A partner that respects your space is crucial. Avoid codependency.


Adventurers mate. Climbing mountains, skydiving, or dating nights are examples. You want out of a rut. Your perfect partner won't keep you from having fun.


Soulmates need lives. Others prefer sluggish partners, but you don't. You'll hate your partner's comfort with a dead-end job and no hobbies. Money and status don't matter. Ambivalence doesn't fit your goals.


Soulmates need originality. You're passionate. You work hard on your career and hobbies. Thus, you have no time for a spouse who revolves around you. Your partner will be whole without you.


Your soulmate needs empathy. You care for others. To provide enough care, your perfect partner must be empathetic. Date someone who reciprocates your sympathy.

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