Asking Geminis for help is risky because they don't keep promises. They're good learners and communicators, yet they're inconsistent, anxious, and impulsive.

Air signs become bored fast, so if they're not engaged, they'll check out. They'll be enthusiastic if they're already involved, but they won't be the first to volunteer.


Sagittarius hates commitment. Archers love to travel and appreciate freedom above all else.They like to work alone and lack empathy.  They're too busy exploring life to aid others.

Ghosting is another issue that can arise with fire signals. Even if they say they will help, there is no guarantee that they will.


Scorpios' dark and fierce dispositions make them unhelpful. They obsess and need control.They're self-centered and don't like taking on things that won't benefit them.

They're a water symbol, but they're closed off when someone needs them.Scorpios despise being manipulated, so if you don't ask directly, they'll think you have a hidden reason and refuse


Aries is autonomous. They don't see why individuals need help with things they can handle alone. They don't ask for aid, so they won't help you.If they help you,

 it's because they said yes impulsively, but they'll probably back out. They'll make excuses and avoid you.Aries are goal-oriented and don't waste time on small activities.


Capricorns are self-centered.Due of their self-centeredness, they can be unhelpful.If the captain isn't an earth sign, they'll take control. You must be brief if you want their help.

Capricorns require justification before they'll consider giving up. Their focus is more on achieving their goals than on assisting others.

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