You have a hard time showing your emotions, especially melancholy, because you don't want people to think you're weak.


Even when the other person has showed the same interest in you and there is no need for you to feel awkward or pushed, you still find it difficult to communicate lust.


You have a hard time admitting that you're tired because you're constantly on the go and have little interest in slowing down, despite the toll it's taking on your health.


Even though you have every right to be proud of your accomplishments, you have a hard time showing it because you don't want to sound conceited.


Because you fear being perceived as possessive or overemotional, you keep your jealousy bottled up inside.


You have trouble admitting your fears because you're worried that others may use that information against you if they decide to cut ties with you.


When there are so many other individuals suffering through far worse than you, it's hard for you to complain or destroy the mood by voicing your discontent.


You have a hard time showing enthusiasm because you're afraid of raising expectations too high and then being let down.


You have a hard time admitting when you don't know something because you want people to regard you as knowledgeable and bright.


You have trouble showing your joy because you're afraid that everything will fall apart as soon as you get used to the nice life.


You have trouble saying how much you care since you never seem to be able to find the words to adequately describe your emotions.


You have trouble showing anger because you don't want to start a fight or make anyone unhappy, so you often just act as though nothing is bothering you.

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