Men seek attractive partners and wives. Beautiful spouses increase his ego.Her attractiveness affirms him. Even if he lacks confidence, a beautiful spouse will boost it.

His girlfriend is gorgeous

If she makes him miserable, he becomes an economist—does he prioritize her attractiveness over relationship happiness.Beauty oversatisfaction. If she's too good for him, he'll doubt himself.

Relationships affect men. He'll be loyal if he's been with someone for a long time or shared personal occasions.

His feelings for her are really sincere

He'll keep seeing the relationship as it was years or months ago. He'll recollect.He is upset because he cannot forget the woman he was with.

Men sometimes stay in miserable relationships because it's an easy way to get sex without having to seek elsewhere or think about why he's not getting any.

It would be unwise to give up on the physical aspect

Good sex lets him stay in an unpleasant relationship. He'll ponder about the girl's bedroom contributions as much as her anxieties.

Humans are driven by apprehension. It also motivates relationships.If it's his only option, a man will stay in an unsatisfactory relationship.

He sees no way out of the situation

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but if he thinks he can't obtain another woman, he'll keep returning to a painful and miserable relationship out of loneliness and desperation.

Jealousy is the driving force here. However, when a man develops romantic feelings for a woman, he is more likely to become possessive.

His desire is to keep her to himself

To him, the prospect of her being with anyone else is so disheartening that he may as well give up on the relationship altogether.

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