Persuasion is the worst way to get your ex back. Aries values independence. Aries will never beg. Give them space and appear unaffected, and they may approach you.


Apologizing and admitting they were right is the best way to get your ex back. Restore their confidence. They want to know you're sorry and accountable. They then request proof.


Smile as you used to to get your ex back. Recall and laugh. They miss your company. Remind Geminis of your pleasant return.


Talking to their friends and relatives works best to win them back. Ask them. Mistakenly missing your ex. They tell relatives they miss you. They'll insult or miss you.


The easiest way to get your ex back is to praise them and criticize yourself. Leos love praise. Return them with ego. Tell them you miss them. Finally, compliments will be accepted.


Friending your ex works best. Recover her by befriending the Virgo. Trust builds slowly. Serious Virgos. They'll take time to assure you won't hurt their heart again.


Reuniting is amazing. Libra wants friends. Stay together. Help them today. They're social. Show the Libra ex they're never alone to win them back.


It's best to fight for your ex. Scorpios adore hunting and would overcome any challenge. If you're lucky, you can win a Scorpio's heart. If you hate Scorpios, getting them back needs games.


Give your ex space yet stay in touch to gain them back. Post-breakup Sagittarius craves independence. Stay but give them room. Just far enough to make them miss you.


The greatest way to get your ex back is to weigh the pros and downsides and choose the pros. Capricorns reason. Show them your value. Value them.


Reuniting over history is wonderful. Aquarians like deep relationships. Your romance brings it back. Take them somewhere you love to remember. Reconnect with joyful recollections.


Honesty works best to bring your ex back. Tell them everything. Be honest with Pisces about their feelings. Stop hiding. V

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