Taurus' determination is their best and worst trait. Tauruses would do anything to feel better, including hurting others. Tauruses will retaliate against anyone who betrays their trust.

Tauruses are dangerous because they may feel revenge. If you hurt them or made them feel inferior, they'll pay. So don't wait. Taurus's pain dwarfs all others.


Aries apathy may break you. After they leave, they'll hurt you. They don't comprehend why their sudden breakup hurts you. You're expected to.Their eyes show how they made you feel. 

No clue. Persisting will lead to verbal abuse. They advance.They'll destroy you. You'll humiliated. They supplied the worst reason for breaking up with you. Aries disregard victims.


Scorpios will do anything for revenge. Scorpios are fierce when provoked. They won't compromise.Scorpio's intentions are unknown. Scorpio's rude, unexpected act annoys you.

Scorpio triggers are hard to foresee. They hate you because you lied or betrayed them. The Scorpio has been plotting to really damn you up since you did it months ago. They'll destroy you.


Virgos help. Virgos hurt. Critical Virgos. They're honest, especially if it's better long-term.Virgos strike when you're weakest because they know how to push your buttons.

They think roughness teaches best.Virgos will hurt you far worse and claim you'll appreciate their harshness. A scorned Virgo will beat you up.


Leos can be cruel. Leos don't mind hurting you. They'll sue if degraded.When Leos don't get affection or ego strokes, it's ugly. Jealous Leos might hurt former lovers.

If you betrayed Leos or prevented them from getting that job, they'll ruin your life.Leos are vicious. They'll blame you if they hurt you. Leos want rulers punished.

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