Decision-making stresses Gemini.Command freezes her. Whether she's terrified of authority or can't decide what to wear in the morning, Gemini is worried.Gemini doesn't pause when confronted.

But things are never that serious.Gemini must believe she can handle her constant tension.Gemini needs to trust that she is stronger than the stress she feels all the time.


Cancer worries about others.Because she's intuitive, she echoes her friends and family, especially on crucial matters.Cancer tries to focus on herself but sometimes feels guilty.

She worries a lot but appreciates being essential to her family.Cancer could relax by reminding herself she's not responsible for others' lives.


Anxious Virgo. She's occupied mentally, physically, and emotionally.Virgo strives to be a good friend, lover, and family member but rarely takes time for herself.

Virgo requires self-care and let people know she cares but can't always be there.Virgo needs self-care. Fragmentation stresses.


Aquarius fights stress, but it always finds her. Her stressors are external.Aquarius has unique stress, whether she's contemplating the universe or her destiny.

Aquarius is good at managing stress, but if it consumes her, even her closest friends can't help her.She must remind herself that she is in charge of her life and makes the decisions.


Pisces,  is intuitive, but her stress comes from not being her best self.She loves being a great friend and partner, but she puts too much pressure on herself.

Pisces should never doubt her worth. She shouldn't think she's worthless.Pisces overthinks changes because she wants everyone to know she's always there.

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