The Astrological Signs Most Prone to Cheating

A Libran craves closeness. Without meaning to, she may be extremely flirtatious.Despite her deep feelings for her boyfriend and concern for their relationship,


she will inevitably cheat because she is constantly put in positions where she can do so.Constantly, strangers flock to her. It's human nature to give in to temptation in these situations.

A Sagittarius wears out quite rapidly. She may tire of long-term commitment.Although she values her relationship, she is always up for trying something new and meeting new people. 


 She cheats because of this.She becomes bored quickly if she spends too much time with the same person, and she finds it fascinating when she does. 

A Leo can't get enough of it. She indulges in dishonest behavior since it boosts her self-esteem.She longs for the carefree days of her singlehood whenever 


she's in a committed relationship.When someone pays her attention, she gets so flattered that she ends up going further with them, and that's how she typically ends up cheating.

A Gemini woman might be Incredibly insecure in a committed relationship. Insecurities about the relationship will make her act in ways she later comes to regret.


Because she has such low confidence in herself and her spouse, she will actively work to undermine their efforts.Perhaps she will make a shift after she learns to trust you more.

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