Cancers are tops in partnerships.They love love, home, and commitment. Relationships benefit introverted Cancers. Cancers make great spouses because they want a stable, loving home.


Libras are the zodiac's romantics, yet their flirtatiousness, indecisiveness, and drive for perfection may make them unsuitable long-term companions. This is false. 

Libras will be indecisive early in life, while courting. They'll never look back after finding their soulmate. Their life will revolve around improving their relationship. Because they rule love


Everyone loves Pisces, and they make terrific companions. Their idealistic and non-confrontational attitude on life makes it super-romantic and helps solve many relationship issues.

Despite popular belief, Pisces thrive on commitment. They require stability and security as often as possible. Pisces make reliable life partners.


Geminis are great at relationships, making them great life mates. Because they're emotional and self-centered, they're often criticized. Geminis love unconditionally and forever.

Geminis are known for getting into and staying in bad relationships, yet they make great, trustworthy, engaged, interesting, intriguing, and honorable partners. They love themselves and their partners equally.


Tauruses love but change. When they discover the appropriate companion, they become devoted and compassionate. Their restlessness and perfectionism can annoy others.


Because they thrive in committed partnerships, Capricorns are terrific partners. Capricorns are risk-averse, thus discovering their life partner is relaxing and wonderful.

They're sounding boards, sturdy shoulders to weep on, and the first audience member cheering you on. Then Capricorns sparkle. They shouldn't let their connections take over. 

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