Scorpios are incredibly sexual, thus you could expect them to be less picky about love partners. They have a list of partner requirements and won't settle.

If a Scorpio meets someone who seems perfect for them, they won't rest until they have that person permanently. They will keep trying even though it appears hopeless at the moment.


Leos know they're complete, therefore they need someone to match or surpass them. Leos who settled would detest that person and themselves for not waiting for someone better.


Virgos are perfectionists, and as a result, they look for a partner who wants them just as much and who won't settle for a relationship that is second best.

Virgos frequently find themselves in sticky situations because they strive to live up to the standards set by their partners, even though this is almost never achievable.


Capricorns are content on their own and won't rush into anything to avoid being lonely. They prefer to meet specific requirements while selecting a love companion.

They want a good-looking, moral, and financially stable mate. They can't stand someone who constantly evades debt collectors and bank overdraft fines. 


Before taking a relationship to the next level, a Taurus will make sure that their intended satisfies all of their stringent requirements.When a Taurus falls love the wrong person,

they strive to make the other person meet their list of must-haves even though this rarely works out. Their list is useless because they refuse to accept they were wrong.


Cancer is not rigid in its expectations. When they've fallen in love with someone, they tend to believe that person possesses all the qualities they've been seeking.

Cancers need unconditional affection, even when it's a red flag for others. They consider themselves as friendly rather than low-standard.

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