Because they're impulsive and impatient, Aries make hasty decisions. Add to it their bluntness, and you have someone who makes decisions too rapidly.

Aries don't enjoy being told no, and being warned not to do something makes them want to do it more. If they make a mistake, they'll deal with it later—or never.


Pisces despise pressure, therefore they'll make a decision too hastily to avoid it. Pisces detest feeling responsible for other people's life.

It's not that they don't give a damn; in fact, the opposite is true. The fear of doing the wrong action causes them to act hastily.


Capricorns are sensible, careful, and meticulous, so you'd think they wouldn't make reckless decisions. Capricorns might be negative and hasty.

They also don't want to be predictable. Unfortunately, making a hasty decision without thinking it through isn't the time to show your spontaneity. 


Sagittarians are impatient and sloppy. But rash decisions don't always work out. They'll skip approvals and documentation since they don't want to wait.

Sagittarius has a tendency to be self-absorbed and unaware of how their behavior affects those around them. Negligent in every way.


Geminis fear bad decisions yet make impulsive ones anyhow. They think any decision is better than delaying and making the wrong one.

A quick decision could go well or poorly. At least they're doing something with a hasty decision. Geminis sometimes lack direction, which impacts their decision-making.

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