When someone fakes humor for no good reason, it's bad. A new astrological sign, Sagittarius, has arrived. Due to their inherent dickishness,

Sagittarians have no control over their hilarious nature. We've learned to ignore their antics because we know you won't share our mirth.


A challenging group. First, you never know what a Scorpio is thinking. This makes them hard to read and unlikely to laugh at your jokes. If you're not a Scorpio,

their jokes will fall flat and feel nasty. Scorpios should always be friends and lovers with other Scorpios. Their MIA sense of humor may be shared.


Cancers are nurturing, yet sometimes their maternal instincts prevent them from laughing. Sure, life demands for seriousness sometimes, 

but if you can't laugh at least sometimes, life will be a boring and everyone will think you're a dull. Cancer, chuckle to avoid being the party's bore.


Capricorn is just as chilly as the months in which they are born, possibly because they are born in the coldest portion of the year, at least in the western hemisphere.

Unfortunately, that iciness also permeates their comedy, which has been frozen out and hence does not exist. If a Capricorn doesn't know how to laugh, it makes logical that they don't want to laugh.


Detail-orientated Virgo lacks a sense of humor because it is too detail-oriented. They don't have one because they don't want one or don't care that they don't have one; rather,

they simply don't have one. Their attention to detail makes them excellent in some jobs, like detective work, but it leaves them short on comedy.

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