You like to imagine death scenarios on the subway because you don't want to be caught off guard.


Even if giving in is best, you can become stubborn. You fight till it hurts to be right.You've wrecked relationships, lost loved ones, and even harmed your health by being obstinate.


You're such a fantastic liar that you believe your own lies. Sometimes you tell extravagant lies to test if you can get away with them, and you generally do.


Possessiveness shows a different aspect of you. To keep the person you love, you forget everything and even change. You forget everyone and everything for "yours." Controlling, suffocating, and desperate.


You planned your funeral. You hope it holds hundreds. Your ex-boyfriends/girlfriends will fight over your grave, and everyone will cry and say nice things about you.


Most people would be surprised by your fantasies. You're fetish-driven sexually. Sometimes what makes you hot while thinking about them surprises you. How many of your filthy fantasies do you act on?


You devour serial killer stories. You like serial literature, TV, and movies. Your Netflix and YouTube history may indicate you're angry. You're fascinated by killers' souls, not their gore.


Stalker gene. Facebook and Instagram attract obsessives. If you see your crush with a stranger, you're on their page. Their social media pages satisfy your addiction at the gym or after work.


Vengeful people show their darkest selves. You can turn a small mistake into a grudge.This little perception will make you furious. Even if he doesn't know what he done, you'll confront him.


Pessimism and fatalism show your dark side. Expecting things to go wrong is practical and reasonable, not negative. You're not desperate, but it's simple to choose the worst outcome.


When someone loses control of their emotions, retreat and remove yourself. When someone is hurting, you might be frigid.You care, yet you're scared and don't know what to do.


You love death. Romeo and Juliet or The Fault in Our Stars is your perfect romance.You'd support your love if they died. Love death.

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