That's certain. Everyone will see Aries respond. Unbalanced Aries repel people. They are so magnetic that many will be drawn to them. Avoid this trap. If the crazy enters, leave immediately!


Grumpy Tauruses continually criticize. They may ignore you. Showing your feelings can change things. Treat this delicate indication. Lose what? No worsening!


Duplicative, poisonous Troublesome Geminis. Unknown recipient. Talkative charmers arrive when you can't manage their harsh criticism and high standards (which don't apply to them or their behavior). Avoid Gemini gossip. More bites!


Only Pisces can show Cancer's need. Cancers love babies and falling deeper.The balance? Be there for Cancer, but encourage independence. Crutches fight.


Ego, ego... Egocentric Leos. Unmature people, even Aries, feel entitled. Obey Leo. Hugs calm wild creatures. Criticize later. No use.


Poisonous Virgos know all. Really. They'll exploit your faults until you explode. Their option. Avoid this big speed bump by driving. Staying requires strong skin and the ability to change topics.


Unbalanced Libras risk peril. Poisonous emotions. Silent explosions. Unmet expectations.Libras seem toxic. In difficult times, avoid them. They may reconsider if they feel better and can handle.


Scorpios are dangerous. Be honest with a brood, a depressed person who can hurt you.Unbalanced Scorpios may appreciate your honesty. Avoid deceiving Scorpios. They'll sense and deteriorate!


Saggitarius-gone-wrong is more likely to self-destruct than damage others. Unfortunately, you can only limit your exposure, which suits an independent sign. Avoid their dramas to help counter their lousy judgment.


Toxic Capricorns never understand you. Their self-righteousness might make them tough to control. Avoid arguing and changing the subject to minimize frustration.


Eccentric Aquarius distorts reality. Breakup peacefully. Address Aquarius' misbehavior. They won't change, but they'll leave because you're attacking.


Injured Pisces can be quite spiteful. Pisces are known to be passive-aggressive and sneaky.But only when injured. whether a Pisces gets tough to manage, ask whether you hurt him. Poison may end.

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