You are courageous and do things properly quickly and well. Consider developing sensitivity and practicality to anticipate what works and doesn't. Success will boost your inspiring approach!


You're steady and wise. Instead of a rooted oak tree, be a reed that bends in the breeze and adapts to others. Instead of second-guessing your instincts, trust them. Listening to your heart boosts strength.


You think, speak, and move. Stand still! You'll survive boredom. Instead of scattering, focus on your projects. Instead of contemplating, feel situations. You will never become a slug, but your efforts will pay off.


You're sensitive, creative, and restless. Close your heart one day. Be mindful. Detachment prevents distractions. You'll be much better at sensing possibilities if you're more resilient and secure!


You're bright, optimistic, and open. You're not realistic or withdrawn. Plan first. Enjoy quality time. You must persuade yourself without an audience. You'll get brighter.


Useful and fussy. However, finding your hidden fire requires optimism, strange risks, and sometimes following your dreams instead of your homework. Be loud and showy. New energy wins!


You're a natural mediator and engaging chatterbox. Now drop that tactic and focus on yourself. Forget acceptance and respect—get nasty. You own trash gold nuggets.


You live passionately and crave depth like few others. Thus, taking a step back to reflect, like letting go without nourishing bitterness, requires effort. Living superficially provides a layer to your life.


You're eager, restless, and excited to improve whatever you accomplish. Practicality is eating your dream. Limiting your inspirations and locking them in will consolidate your aspirations. Avoid overthinking.


Earthy, sensitive, ambitious. Develop faith, vision, and dreams. Be more optimistic, fiery, and reckless. Spontaneous pleasure will change your life forever.


You're calm and strong. To give your thoughts life, find a fire. Don't be afraid of your feelings—they'll bring you happiness. Get out of your head and into your body. Living multidimensionally.


You swim and float through existence. Bring your dreams back to earth in the drylands, your least comfy domain. They'll be less perfect but more likely. Adrenaline-charge your self-confidence! You're unstoppable!

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