One of the most instantly recognizable symbols in the world is the American flag, which features stars and stripes. 

The color red represents bravery and is a tribute to the people who gave their lives to establish a free and independent nation.


The white represents innocence and purity, a reference to the fact that the nation was just founded at the time the flag was designed.

As a tribute to the early nation's tenacity in the face of formidable English powers, blue represents justice and perseverance.

13 stars represented the first colonies. The flag has been ratified to incorporate a star for every new state since then. Each state has a star on the blue flag. 

The Stars and Stripes

The original American flag had 13 stripes and still does. This honors the original 13 colonies and will never alter. The 13 stripes represent our ancestry and the foundation that formed our nation.

More than the number of stars or the color of the stripes, the symbolism of the flag lies in its design.

General Opinions

Important ideas like freedom, liberty, justice, and the bravery of those willing to fight and die for their nation are all represented by the flag.

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