Aries wants everything. They're cunning and motivated. Mars oversees Aries and our instincts. They disregard the repercussions. Aries will hurt others to succeed. Though optimistic, they're never satisfied. Aries crave more.


Taurus rages. Past absorbs symbol. Taurus despairs. They highlight failure, loss, and sadness. Imperfect love. Relationships are issues. Taurus avoids but never forgives. So sad. Taurus may boast. 


This bright sign conceals peril. Lying Geminis love freely. Duality deceives this sign. Geminis gossip. Lie convincingly. Geminis lie. Friendly exploitation. They're insensitive. They're cunning. Gemini's cruelty is quick.


Cancers know people. Personality determines usage. Not sure. Trust Cancer's insight. Love hides deception. This sign manipulates emotions for pleasure or aims. Crabs abuse inadvertently. Cancer sly. 


Insecure Leos desire attention. Aries fight. Prioritize like fire sign brothers. Power drives Leo. Leo lies. They'll lie. They like failure. Empathetic Leo smiles. When "beaten," they cry secretly. 


This sign's analytical and detail-oriented attitude might help. Virgos never act rashly. Everything's meditated. Sweet but aggressive. Virgos rule. They're icy. Virgo hurts. Perfectionists are toxic.


Libra respects honesty. They're unreliable. Libras dislike fighting but love manipulating allies. This symbol responds silently. Save and divide. The rob. Libra steals jewelry, lipstick, and lovers. They can. 


Scorpios are famously dark. It kills. Angered but seeking power. Scorpios self-destruct. Scorpios adore masochism. They subconsciously seek death symbols. Scorpio self-harms. Regaining power costs everything. 


Jupiter-ruled Sag wants all. Aries and Leo must excel. Sag secretly wants wealth. Extroverts mask jealousy. Sag will applaud but hate your performance. This may inspire. Friends and coworkers compete. Sagittarius wants. 


Capricorns are self-centered but generous. Cap is ruthless when convenient but emotionally distant. Capricorn adventures. For comfort. Stuff trumps relationships. Rejection is easy. Only beneficial people will bother Cap. 


Friendship-sign Untrustworthy Aquarius. Selfish sign. This friendly sign can have a "me vs. the world" attitude. Earth orbits. Aquarius hates competition. Preach only. Aquarius values control. Free-thinking Aquarius reforms.


Pisces sinned. They con. Some Zodiacs tell white lies, but others maintain huge secrets—even other lives. Scorpio hides less than Pisces. Pisces will murder for secrecy. They rule. Pisces victimizes their attackers.

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