An Aries. You exploit apathy. When plans fail, you tell others that you never wanted to start them.Despite appearances, this can change the situation.


Tauruses become irritated easily. You push others to do anything, depending on the situation. Nobody wants to face your rage.


Geminis are needy when they want something. Your requests make people want to help. You elevate them.


Cancers have trouble persuading others. You reveal a side they rarely see.It's unnerving, but your unpredictability helps.


Leos always show their pride when things go wrong. You step back and lower them like a lion.Though not always the best choice, it does matter.


Virgos appear disgusted with the outcome, prompting others to ask for a second chance. If played incorrectly, this can be harmful. You're intimidating.


Libras know how to get what they want by seeming to be absent. You're missed. Because they want you in their lives, they'll help you feel comfortable staying the way you are.


Scorpios are very jealous. You deceitfully fight fire with fire. However, it is now a war.


Sagittarius, when you use that side, it gets things done. If something happens or things don't go as planned, you give into your anger.It's dark, but you work better here.


Capricorns tackle problems with love. You transform the world with kindness. You are one of the most positive signals in this direction.


Aquariuses play sad to succeed. You display everyone your "pity me" card. As you do this, you realize how willing people are to help you in your situation.


Pisces, act bored and uninterested to get through things. This extreme change will drive others to revert.Even if you don't want to be hired again, they'll try.

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