We need allies. Avoid clingy Aries. They want an active partner. The partnership fails without Aries' goals. Aries require a trustworthy partner. Passive-aggression and cowards irritate them. 


Tauruses are loyal, romantic, and stable. A secure spouse helps a Taurus feel appreciated. They don't care about games or feelings. If not, they'll grow frustrated and lose interest. 


Geminis are hard to follow. Many moods and interests. Geminis adore intellectually and emotionally challenging relationships. Otherwise, they'll lose interest. Since they can be flighty, Geminis thrive from grounded companions. 


You love people. You're loved when appreciated. If you're disrespected, you may retreat and grow angry. Everyone wants praise, but you don't love someone for it. 


Though strong, you need your partner's affirmation. The proper person will stroke your ego so you may shine brighter. You need someone to gently correct your self-centeredness.


You enjoy helping loved ones. Productivity boosts self-esteem. But too much without can leave you exhausted.Your ideal companion enjoys helping others and makes you feel cared for.


Romance and thoughtfulness excite you most. Unique dating ideas, clever gifts—you care about thinking! You fear conflict, so a direct yet non-confrontational spouse would help you resolve issues without animosity. 


You're suspicious. Honest people love you. Know someone's aspirations. Clingy and controlling people gain from boundary-setting partners. Secure partners can manage these tendencies. 


Respecting your lighthearted, fun-loving nature makes you feel cherished. Controlling people are unsuitable partners. You desire a partner that encourages and shares your passion for life. 


You work hard to be the best. When people are kind and admire you, you feel appreciated. You can't date someone who undervalues your ambition. You need consistent support in a relationship. 


A unique partner is needed. Boring folks enjoy partners who keep things interesting and intellectually intriguing. When claustrophobic, you need a buddy who gives you room. 


You're gentle. You'll do everything for love. You can become resentful and feel like you do everything for everyone without acknowledgment. 

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