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Maharaja Indian Cuisine is Indian traditional & authentic mix of dining or delivery of Indian food at its finest. There is a simple, but flavor-packed, Indian food menu of South & North Indian-inspired curries.

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Maharaja Indian Cuisine makes an excellent version of masala Meat curries, which is braised with garlic and ginger and served with basmati rice or Naan of choice.

We are often termed by customers as top Indian restaurant, Maharaja Indian Cuisine is the space which transports you to India without the spending of plane ticket or 15-hour flight.

Come fell in love with Indian food after a trip to our restaurant, serves an authentic Indian menu at 678 N Wilson Way, Ste 42 Stockton, CA.

All dishes are inspired by the food culture of India. Indian food menu at Maharaja Indian Cuisine is rebellious, while also honoring traditional dishes by doing them better.

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